Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Once a Business signs up, what happens next?

Once a store signs up, a link for the store portal together with a link to be shared with the customer will be Provided to the Store. The store portal link will be used to receive notification in the store and respond to the customer. The customer link should be sent to the customer with his order confirmation.

How does the store use the portal?

The portal could be used on any device that has browser capabilities. If the store currently has a tablet or is operating his POS on a computer device, he could access the link on that device

What if the store doesn't have a computer or a POS system?

In that case the store will have to buy a tablet to operate the portal

Could the portal be integrated with the store's existing POS system?

Yes, there are many ways Curbside Bell can seamlessly integrate with your current website or POS - some take a bit longer to fine-tune. Contact support or see the resources pages for help in this matter - you’ll love the ease of use, and your customers will love your service :)

Is there an APP available for the store portal?

Yes, a desktop app and an Android/ IOS app are currently in development and will be available soon.

How does the customer get the link?

Depending on how the store communicates with the customer to Notify on an order. If the text could be edited by the store, the link could then be incorporated into the Text message or email.

What if the store doesn't send out an email or text message?

We offer signage options with the web link or a QR Code for the store to place at the Curb so their customers can scan it.

What happens if the store doesn't hear the ping for the customer?

The store could also choose to be notified via Text message that a customer is waiting outside. The customer would also be able to ping again if he wasn't responded to, after a certain period of time (the time is decided by the store?)

Can a customer ping the store even while he is not near the store?

No. The customer has to be at the store location.

How does the store know which customer is pinging?

The customer could choose which field is required for the customer to enter. For example: Name, Order, Phone number.

How does the store know which car the customer has?

The store can have the customer enter the information when he places the order (depending on the POS system?) or the store could also require the customer to enter that before he pings.

Is there an option that the customer's information should be included in the link so the customer doesn't have to enter any information?

This could be done through some integration which is available on the Pro Version

What if a store has multiple locations?

Each store will be treated as a separate business with its own link and portal for the store.

Do you offer discounted rates for multiple stores?

Yes, we offer discounted rates under the Pro plan.

Can the store decide to close the system or to set hours of operation?

Yes, this can be done in the store portal under settings.

Can CurbsideBell only be used for restaurants?

No, CurbsideBell can help provide better service to any store that provides pickup service. For example: Dry Cleaners, Flower Shops, Printing stores, etc

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